We live in a self-contradictory age, where individuality is applaudable and encouraged but at the same time everything around us it being standardized. Expensive clothes in shiny paper boxes, cheap clothes thrown in the bag, drinks in bottles and jewellery in typical characterless and dull boxes. While they have achieved recognizability of the product they carry, they loose the basic purpose of packaging. Packaging is the dress to the dress, the jewellery to the jewellery. Packaging is the first encounter one has with a product. Packaging is the note accompanying the gift, when there is no note.

On May 2014, Angelo di Spirito Rosa, was awarded the Clio Image Award-Honoring Creative Excellence Worldwide for “Jewellery Packaging (Bottles & Test Tubes)”.

Known as the “Original Jewellery Bottling Company”, Angelo di Spirito Rosa, has developed a unique conceptual packaging that expresses the brands individuality and message. While this packaging helps make the brands jewellery a perfect gift, it has more importantly served as badge seperating real Angelo di Spirito Rosa jewellery from copies, thus protecting customers from fake gemstones and poor craftmanship.

When one purchases original Angelo di Spirito Rosa jewellery in its original packaging, one purchases real natural gemstones, precious metals and meticulous hand-craftmanship.


An inordinate amount of businesses attempt to reach their goals by reproducing recipes of success from their competitors and while this isn’t always a bad thing (as future generations should be given a helping hand) in most cases these “pseudo” brands deceive their customers by offering counterfeit products, packaging or branding without respecting the “inventor” brand.

Angelo di Spirito Rosa, the Original Jewelry Bottling Company, to protect their customers, have made it increasingly hard for “pseudo” brands to copy them. The way to spot Authentic Angelo di Spirito Rosa, is:

  • Every glass bottle or test tube has the round sticker (pictured here) on it’s back
  • The brand only uses real glass bottles and test tubes and natural burlap bags
  • The gemstone is always stamped on the tag
  • All our jewelry is accompanied by Official Angelo di Spirito Rosa Authenticity Certificates
  • Only buy Angelo di Spirito Rosa from stockists mentioned on
  • If in doubt call or email us

The Packaging Process Video